Please arrive 15 mins before you scheduled time to prepare for the camera (you need to sign in at your camera table so please pay attention to your listed camera on the schedule). All photos are at the BEAMSVILLE FLEMING ARENA.

Bring the form ONLY if you are ordering. ORDER FORM 2017.pdf

Bring a ball and you do not need to wear cleats or shin guards for your photo.

FRIDAY JUNE 15TH - UNDER 4 TO UNDER 6 DIVISIONS - shedule is not released yet

SATURDAY JUNE 16TH - UNDER 8 TO UNDER 18 HOUSE LEAGUE AND TRAVEL - shedule is not released yet

There will only be one retake day on Tuesday June 19th from 5 - 7pm, you need to book with the club if you are attending.


Interlock House League schedules have NOT been released for 2018

Any changes will automatically be made on the site. Please check on it regularily for any field changes or game night changes that may have been made due to rain outs.

please check out your tab above labeled NIAGARA WEST INTERLCOCK LEAGUE


Under 4 house league schedule - All sessions done at the BEAMSVILLE Lions Park u4 schedule.xlsx UPDATED MAY 27th

Under 5 house league schedule - All sessions done at the BEAMSVILLE Lions Park u5 schedule.xlsx

Under 6 house league schedule - All sessions done at the BEASMVILLE Lions Park u6 schedule.xlsx




Under 4 - Under 6 divisions start on SATURDAY MAY 26TH

The rest of the house league begin the week of JUNE 4TH


Travel Schedules have been released on your travel sites. Please check there for your schedules if you are a TRAVEL player.  ---- this is for the Niagara Soccer League (NSL) players  ---- this is for the Hamilton and District Multi-Jurisdictional League (MJ) players



GRIMSBY TOURNAMENT - ALL teams in under 10 - 18 house league 

This will take play JULY 6th and 7th.

Schedules will be posted on the site when made available. Please check there for the release.




Saturday August 25th for all divisions.

Grimsby, West Lincoln and Lincoln will be responsible for a specific division and gender. That information will be posted here when the information is released.